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        La Curacao is its own kind of corporation.  We do not model ourselves after other retailers; rather, we create our own standards and thereby remain unique.  Like our penguin mascots, we have found our own place in the world in which to thrive.

        Latinos are the fastest growing demographic group in the United States, with the highest concentration being in Southern California.  For the last decade, Los Angeles has been home to the third-largest Hispanic population in the world – seven million people, with a buying power of $66 billion each year.  It is no coincidence that La Curacao has grown as well.  In the years since our recovery from the 1992 riots, the company has expanded many times over to include new stores and warehouses, offer new services beyond retail sales, and become the most trusted name within our market.

        La Curacao
only gains momentum with each passing year, with plans for the near future to enter Hispanic markets in new cities.  The key to our continuing success, however, as it has been in the past, is the caliber of our associates Our philosophy regarding employment is to “hire for attitude, train for skill.”  When hiring, we look for certain qualities in an applicant’s nature – enthusiasm, ambition, and friendliness.  The purpose of our Associate Training Center, then, is to teach employees to utilize those qualities in the business world.

        La Curacao takes many steps to keep our staff motivated.  For example, an annual company trip to
Hawaii rewards employees who achieve certain sales goals.  In our Continuous Quality Improvement program, we commission outside parties to evaluate each of our stores based on a number of factors.  The store with the best overall rating is commended with our store recognition trophy, a high honor within the La Curacao family.  Our associates are also driven by their own career aspirations, as we offer many opportunities for promotion.

        La Curacao’s corporate offices are in the Pico-Union district, occupying the same building as our oldest store.  This building is the La Curacao Business Center, a pair of towers with ten floors each and half a million square feet of executive office space.  The center is an ideal workspace for any company interested in working with the Latino community.


Also known as the Temple of the Great Jaguar, Tikal, Guatemala. Built at different stages during the Classic period.  

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