From the beginning, La Curacao has sought to provide a pleasurable, comfortable and familiar atmosphere to our customer, resulting in an in-store experience that is reflective of our motto: “Un Poco De Su País” (A little Bit Of Your Country). This commitment can be seen throughout the store today-the signage, the music, the energy. It’s all about our customers and their on-going relationship with La Curacao.

Penguin Mascot
Penguins are La Curacao mascots. They were chosen because they are highly gregarious. La Curacao associates, like penguins, are open and friendly, seeking to help and assist all customers. Penguins are community-based, caring for each other; in the same way La Curacao cares for its community by providing many events and resources.

La Curacao penguin family consists of Don Paco (father), Doña Cata (mother), Memin (big brother), Lulu (big sister) and Paquito (baby brother). They represent our company’s family-friendly atmosphere.

Mayan and Aztec Symbolism
The stores are rich with Latin American culture. Each La Curacao store is decorated with replicas of ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations’ symbols. The warriors at the entrances of the stores resemble to our customers a sense of protection of their shopping experience for product and service. The Mayan Corn God on the facades represents life and extends a warm and friendly welcome to everyone entering the building.

A gratifying sight to some Latinos may be that of Pollo Campero, a much-loved Central American fast-food franchise that has made its start in the U.S. with a branch at each La Curacao store. And while customers shop, they are entertained by live performances of authentic Latino music.
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Also known as the Temple of the Great Jaguar, Tikal, Guatemala. Built at different stages during the Classic period.
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